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          The?7th China?International?(Guangzhou)?Cold?Chain?Equipment?and?Fresh?Logistics?Exhibition
          發布時間:2020年12月15日   發布者:

          The 7th China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment and Fresh Logistics Exhibition

          Date: 24-26 September, 2021  Venue: China Import & Export (Canton Fair) Complex ·Guangzhou


          Concurrent With:China International (Guangzhou) Fishery & Seafood Expo 2021



          Guidance By:

          Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province

          Hosted By:

          Guangdong Refrigeration Industry Association

          Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

          Special co-organizer:Food Cold Chain Logistics Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Guangdong Province

           Exhibition introduction

          The 7th China International (Guangzhou) Cold Chain Equipment and Fresh Logistics Exhibition will be held in China Import & Export (Canton Fair) Complex ·Guangzhou on September 24-26th,2021. The exhibition is committed to build the international platform for Chinese Cold Chain industry to display products, trade and information exchange. It integrates procurement transactions, product demonstrations and technical forums,we are the best platform for global high-end Cold Chain product enterprises, processing enterprises and traders to enter the Chinese market and expand their international market share.The exhibition adheres to the purpose of “Professionalization, Internationalization and Marketization”, the exhibition is committed to build the international platform for cold chain industry to display products, trade and information exchange,gathering the global high-end products,display international advanced technology, promoting global brand enterprises, and strengthening cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises.


          Li Shumin,the First-level Inspector of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affiairs of the People's Republic of China-Bureau of Fisheries,Gao Qingying, Deputy Director-general of Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province,Chen Wen,the Second-level Inspector of Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province,Paul Penaherrera, Commercial Counsellor of Consulate General of Ecuador in Guangzhou,Zhao Xingwu,President of China Fisheries Association,Huang Baoshan,President of China Ocean Fishery Association,Guangzhou Cooperation Office,Guangdong Aquatic Products Marketing and Processing Alliance,Alibaba Group-Guangzhou Hema Xiansheng Network Technology Co. ,Ltd.,Guangdong Eel Industry Association,Guangdong Overseas Fisheries Association,Guangdong Province Tortois & Turtie Culture Association(GTCA) and other Chinese and foreign guests to visit the site.

          The last exhibition covered a scale of 10,000 square meters, attracting 346 enterprises from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, attracting a total of 21,695 person-times to visit and purchase.Participating groups and units include Society of Guangdong Logistics & Supply Chain,Hainan Provincial Cold Chain Logistics Association,Huabang Logistics Park,Zhaoshang Americold Realty Trust,JD.com,Freshhema.com,As well as local cold chain logistics association, frozen products association, food circulation association and other business associations, social groups, and so on.China International Fishery Cooperation Forum,the 3rd Pearl River Delta Cold Chain Logistics Development Forums,the Guangdong Province Special Aquatic Product Farming (Tortois & Turtie) Development Forum,production and marketing conference,2020 Global Aquatic Products Gourmet Cooking Contest Selection and Guangdong Famous Aquatic Products Cooking Show Online Live has be held during the exhibition. The live streaming data of the event live client reached 3.56 million.

           Range of Exhibition

          Refrigeration and Freezing Equipment: Commercial refrigerated and frozen display cabinets, Supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, Fresh automatic extraction cabinets, Quick-freezing equipment, etc.;


          Refrigerated and Frozen Transportation Equipment Technology: : Vehicle refrigeration unit,the refrigerated truck of the last kilometer,Medical refrigerator (Medical Grade) ,Refrigerated transport box, Incubator,Freezer, Ice bag, etc.;


          FFresh-keeping/insulation equipment: Food preservation cabinet; Fruits, vegetables, aquatic products and meat preservation equipment, Fresh-keeping equipment, Vacuum freeze-drying preservation technology, etc.;


          Cold chain fresh packaging equipment: Food packaging equipment, Fruit and vegetable packaging equipment,Aquatic packaging equipment and Vacuum packaging

           Cold Storage and Equipment Technology: All kinds of assembled cold storage, Modified atmosphere storage, Refrigerator, Freezer, Refrigerator board, Refrigerator door, Refrigeration facilities lighting technology;


          Refrigeration Materials and Accessories and Logistics Equipment: Phase change cold storage materials, Refrigerated containers, Cold storage shelves, Cold storage trays, Transportation equipment, Electric forklifts, Cranes, etc.;

          Cold Chain and Distribution Services: Cold chain packaging solutions, Cold chain logistics service,Logistics and transportation equipment, Modified refrigerated trucks, Container refrigerated trucks, Insulated vehicles, etc.;


          Fresh E-commerce: Warehousing e-commerce, Fruit and vegetable e-commerce, Meat products e-commerce, Aquatic products e-commerce, Integrated food e-commerce, Imported food e-commerce.


          Cold Chain Temperature Control Information Technology: Internet of Things technology, Temperature and humidity recorder, Temperature label, Positioning system, RFID and Traceability system;Storage information management system cold chain information & Detection, Cold chain electronic label; Electronic temperature control, Cold chain tracking and identification;

          Participation and Advertisement Cost

          Participation Cost: Corner Stand should add 10% of standard booth cost


          International Exhibition Area

          Standard Shell Scheme


          Raw Space




          1.Raw Space:Minimum 36m2, including floor place,not including any facilities,24hrs cleaning service and security.Exhibitors are required to design and decorate their own, and special decoration management fee of 50 yuan /㎡;

          2.Standard booth:9m2 (3m*3m) booth including three-sided board(high 2.5m), carpet, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, one 220V power socket,one trash can).

          Exhibitors Catalog Advertisement

          Front Cover Page

          Back Cover Page


          The Back of Front Cover Page


          The Back Page of Back Cover Page


          Inside Color Page







          Comprehensive Advertisements

          Exhibitor card/Visitor card

          Hand bag

          Product promotion

          Named sponsor of the dinner

          30000 RMB/30000 pieces

          30000 RMB/10000 pieces


          80000RMB/30 desk


          Move in:September 22-23,2021

          Exhibition time:September 24-26,2021

          Move out:September 26,2021

          Concurrent Event

          Green Environmental Protection Aquaculture Category Development Forum

          Pearl River Delta Cold Chain Logistics Development Forums

          Online Exhibition+Offline docking,Online Exhibition,Online Live Broadcast,Online Kitchen,Online Goods Display and Sale,Online Shopping

          Production and marketing conference

          Contact information of the organizing committee:Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

          Add : Rm.3308-3309, Block E, Poly World Trade Center, No.1022 Xingang East Road, Haizhu Dist. Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.    

          Phone:+86-20-66319008    E-mail:info@gzboyi.com.cn

          Fax:020-6631 9008            Web:www.chinafishex.com

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