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          Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co., Ltd is engaged in professional exhibition and media consultation. The company is mainly formed by passionate and trustworthy specialists with rich experience in organizing both domestic and international exhibitions.

                 After years of organizing exhibitions in different industries, we have established close cooperative relationship with event organizers in Germany, UK, US, Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Brazil, Middle East, India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, etc., and are proud to have accumulated 300,000 sqm exhibition area, covering fields of fishery, seafood, fruit, vegetable, foodstuffs, drink, shipbuilding, maritime, gas, oil, energy, logistic, packaging, machinery.

               We take "Customer First" as company idea, based in the South China, and enliven international exhibition field.

               We also regard "Customer Target" as our great task, and are ready to provide professional and considerate exhibition services to both Chinese and global enterprises!


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